101 things I've done for busy women ...

  1. Organising custom made couch covers
  2. Send birthday cards
  3. Buy anniversary presents
  4. Source and book removalist company
  5. Disconnection and reconnection of services
  6. Toy shopping
  7. Ikea shopping
  8. Office organising
  9. Booking holiday units
  10. Watering gardens while client on holidays
  11. Mail collection
  12. Bill payments
  13. Filing of mail
  14. Liaising with suppliers
  15. Buying baby shower gifts
  16. Booking carpet cleaning
  17. Taking car for service
  18. Quotes for smash repairs
  19. Researching phone plans
  20. Grocery shopping
  21. Christmas gift shopping
  22. Pulling together tax paperwork
  23. Social media tuition
  24. Organising pest control
  25. Arranging for locksmith to change locks
  26. Booking tickets to networking events
  27. Handling enquiries for a business event
  28. Sending packages to overseas clients
  29. Decluttering before house move
  30. Buying wine glasses
  31. Sending flowers and gift baskets
  32. Gift ideas to client's spouse
  33. Cancelling gym membership
  34. Organising piano tuning
  35. Buying bike racks for garage
  36. Researching new phone options
  37. Sending "Surprise, we're married" cards
  38. Getting wedding dress dry cleaned
  39. Organising handbag repairs
  40. Arranging Foxtel connections
  41. Packing house for move
  42. Unpacking house after move
  43. Arranging storage of goods while client overseas
  44. Researching the best deal for utilities
  45. Restaurant booking for anniversary dinner
  46. Shredding out of date financial papers
  47. Organising kids party entertainment
  48. Coordinating tradespeople quotes
  49. Returning DVDs to video shop
  50. Getting garage door repaired
  51. Preparing loot bags for kids parties
  52. Coordinating bathroom renovation
  53. Dropping off and picking up dry cleaning
  54. Getting car detailed
  55. Organising skip bins for garage clean out
  56. Sending boxes of belongings to client living overseas
  57. Scanning receipts for insurance claim
  58. Getting quotes from tradespeople
  59. Interviewing house cleaners
  60. Getting kitchen light changed
  61. Organising family portraits
  62. Arranging for shoes to be cleaned / repaired
  63. Taking watch for repair
  64. Buying last minute anniversary gift
  65. Sorting and cleaning out toy room
  66. Dropping off donation items to charity
  67. Buying concert/sporting tickets
  68. Organising surprise weekend getaway
  69. Picking up business cards from the printer
  70. Setting up Facebook fan page
  71. Setting up Twitter account
  72. Organising removalist to move piano
  73. Organising solar hot water repairs
  74. Finding identical replacement for gift that has been lost
  75. Coordinating Calendar and diaries
  76. Dropping dance costumes back after concert
  77. Ordering new car brochures
  78. Making beautician and hair appointments
  79. Organising insurance quotes
  80. Researching farmstays
  81. Holiday packing
  82. Getting new fans installed
  83. Decluttering store room
  84. Organising window washer
  85. Getting new tyres on car
  86. Filling the fridge before client gets home from holidays
  87. Getting a Rugby jersey signed by players for birthday gift
  88. Searching through files for receipts for insurance claim
  89. Buying new baby gifts
  90. Writing and sending Christmas Cards
  91. Organising kids birthday party
  92. Organising swimming pool quotes
  93. Decluttering wardrobe
  94. Researching local schools
  95. Buying washing machine and dryer
  96. Organising office move
  97. Sending flowers to unwell friends/family
  98. Gathering and sorting tax receipts
  99.  Proofreading website
  100.  Organising and delivering Corporate Christmas gifts
  101.  Organising a romantic night away

And that's just the beginning!

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— C Matson, Alito

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