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Ironing Tip

Posted in 'Cleaning, Tips' on July 19, 2011
If you have ironed something and the fabric has gone shiny, spray a tea towel with some white vinegar until it is slightly damp, lay it over the shiny place and press with a cool iron. Respray as necessary.

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Chopping Board Tip

Posted in 'Cleaning' on April 27, 2011

Have you ever pulled the chopping board out to use it, only to find that it still smells of the things you chopped up yesterday? Try spraying it with vinegar and then leaving overnight.

Rinse off and the smells should be gone!

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Chores Tip

Posted in 'Cleaning' on March 15, 2011

If your children are old enough to help out with some of the cleaning but are a bit hit and miss with what they do (even though they've said they completed the job), hide some money in places that you know aren't being cleaned and then drop a few hints. Sort of like hide and seek for pocket money, but your house gets cleaned in the process.   

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Chandelier Cleaning

Posted in 'Cleaning' on February 10, 2011

Ever wondered how to clean that chandelier in your house without breaking it? It's quite easy really (unless you have a really large one, in which case, you should get professionals in)

Get a plastic bag large enough to cover each of the fittings (make sure the bulbs are cool before doing this). Tie one end over the light and let the bag sit behind the fittings like a backdrop

Put some newspaper on the ground to catch the dirt and water.

Dust gently with an acrylic brush (a paint brush works well).

Put some cleaning solution in a plastic spray bottle and spray close to the fitting to dislodge the dirt.

Allow to dry.

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Oil of Cloves

Posted in 'Cleaning' on February 1, 2011

Thanks to Natascha Mirosch from The Courier Mail for this week's tip. With all the rain, everyone I know has problems with mould in their house. The word on the street is that Oil of Cloves is the best thing to break down the mould spores, but the shops seem to have sold out of them. Here is a recipe for making your own Oil of Cloves.

2 dozen cloves
1tbsp methyolated spirits
20 tbsps boiling water

Grind the clove buds in a mortar and pestle or spice grinder. Add the metho and grind until it becomes a paste.(Make sure to wash very well with hot soapy water afterwards). Add the boiling water and let it steep overnight in a bowl or bottle. The next day, strain through muslin (or a clean chux). Pour into a spray bottle and voila!

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Chair tip

Posted in 'Cleaning, Tips' on January 5, 2011

We have a lovely outdoor area at our house, complete with outdoor setting. We love sitting out there. Unfortunately, when we aren't home, the crows also like to sit out there and leave a lovely reminder of their visit all down the front of our chairs.

A couple of months ago, I got sick of having to clean the chairs every week and I took a tip from the cyclists I see riding around in spring with cable ties sticking out of their helmets and tied some cable ties along the tops of our chairs. Although it doesn't look the most glamorous, we don't have crow droppings on our chairs anymore.

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Fabric Care Instructions

Posted in 'Cleaning' on October 13, 2010
Do you struggle to know or remember whether things need to be washed in warm or cold water? Whether you shold dry clean or not? eLaundry have put together a great Fabric Care Table to sort out the confusion. You can take a look here. There is some great information to be found!

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Tip of the Week - Drain Tip

Posted in 'Cleaning' on August 19, 2010
To stop all that hair from doing down the drain and clogging up the pipes, buy a kitchen sink strainer and put it in the shower/bath plug hole.

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Tip of the Week - Cooktop Tip

Posted in 'Cleaning' on July 6, 2010

To clean a ceramic cooktop without scratching, put some white vinegar on a paper towel and wipe clean.

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Tip of the Week - Rust Tip

Posted in 'Cleaning, Tips' on June 22, 2010

To remove rust from knives or other kitchen utensils, stick them in an onion for about an hour. Move the blade back and forth to help the onion juice do its work. 

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Tip of the Week - Carpet Kinks

Posted in 'Cleaning, Tips' on June 2, 2010

Moving a piece of furniture can have a lasting impression on your carpet - We moved into our house 4 years ago and there is still a kink in the carpet from where their TV unit used to sit.

You can get rid of the indent quite easily by holding a steam iron over the top of where the indent is. Don't let it touch the carpet or it will melt, but the steam should penetrate the fibres, allowing them to spring back into place.

Then fluff them up with a brush and the indent should have disappeared!

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Tip of the Week - Windscreen Tip

Posted in 'Cleaning' on May 27, 2010
As the weather gets cooler, and we start to use the heater in the car, it means the return of the foggy windscreen. Buy yourself a cheap blackboard duster and keep it in the car. Next time you get fogged in, wipe with the duster. It works a lot better than the old tissue lurking at the bottom of the glove box!

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Laundry Tip

Posted in 'Cleaning' on April 28, 2010
Before putting dirty clothes in the laundry basket, check for stains. If you spot one, tie a knot in the sleeve or leg of the staind item so that you know which ones will need a squirt of preen when you do the washing

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Kids Painting Tip

Posted in 'Cleaning, Tips' on March 17, 2010
When kids are painting, use a moistened sponge to clean their brushes, rather than water. It avoids spills and drippy paint all over the table. It can also be used to clean messy fingers after the budding artists are finished.

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Tip of the Week - Flower Pollen Tip #2

Posted in 'Cleaning' on September 29, 2009

As a follow up to last weeks tip about how to get flower pollen off without staining, here is a tip to prevent it happening in the first place... before you put the flowers in a vase, use some hairspray on the stamens to hold the pollen in place.

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Tip of the Week - Flower Pollen Tip

Posted in 'Cleaning' on September 23, 2009

Have you ever bushed up against a bunch of flowers and then realised that you were covered in pollen that stained your hands and clothes?

Next time this happens, don't try and brush it off - it will just rub it in and you'll end up with stains all over you. Instead take some sticky tape and dab it on. This will lift the pollen off.

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Isocol - Thank goodness you live in the bathroom

Posted in 'Cleaning' on September 4, 2009

Last weekend my daughter was very excited about wearing a new outfit. Being that spring has sprung, all of her outfits are new as she has gone up a clothes size. She went next door to play with the neighbours kids and when she came home there was a huge purple stamp mark in the middle of her shirt in the shape of Dora the Explorer. Great. New outfit, worn once and now it's only fit for kindy.

Usually when I have washing issues or stains that I can't get out, I just send them over to mum to fix (she's good like that), but this time I was cranky about her ruining a new outfit so I was determined to fix it myself. I googled the stain and came up with the solution - rubbing alcohol (known in our house as Isocol)

It was great. I just put the shirt on an old towel, poured some isocol on a rag and started rubbing. Sure enough, in a minute or two, the stain was gone. I was quite pleased with myself. As she is going to start school next year, I'd better make sure I am well stocked with Isocol from now on!


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Tip of the Week - Clean Dishwasher

Posted in 'Cleaning' on May 12, 2009

Next time you are at the shops, buy a lemon and when the dishwasher is next empty, cut the lemon in half, get rid of any visible seeds and skewer the pieces onto the spikes on the top shelf.

Run the dishwasher through a cycle, and when it is done, you should have a nice clean dishwasher again with no scary odours.

Doing this if you have a particularly greasy load of dishes will also help cut through the grease.

Do you have any handy household tips that you woul like to share?

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Tip of the Week - Oven Tip

Posted in 'Cleaning' on April 15, 2009

I was just chatting to a friend on the phone who was baking a cake. Unfortunately for her, the cake overflowed and baked onto the bottom of her oven. Has that ever happened to you? Can I introduce you now to my friend alfoil???

Line the bottom of your oven with alfoil and if there is ever a spill in your oven, you just need to change the alfoil instead of pulling out the rubber gloves and oven cleaner. I also line my grill tray with it so I don’t have to scrub it each time I make cheese on toast.

Do you have any handy tips you'd like to share?

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Tip of the Week - Washing Tip

Posted in 'Cleaning' on April 8, 2009

Washing Tip:

Stop your long sleeved business shirts getting tangled up with the other washing in the machine by buttoning the cuffs to the buttons on the front of your shirt.

Do you have any washing tips you would like to share?

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Cleaning cloths don't always clean!

Posted in 'Cleaning' on June 25, 2008

One night last week after dinner I wiped down the benches and after I had finished I noticed this awful smell. I couldn't work out where it was coming from and then I smelt my hands. STINKY!!! as Miss 3 1/2 would say. Then I smelt the cloth I had wiped the benches with - double STINKY!!! Needless to say I also realised that my benches probably weren't as clean as they looked after being wiped down with a germy cloth. I was about to throw it out and get a new cloth, but because I was about to put the dishwasher on, I rolled it up and put it in the cutlery tray to see if that would work. Lo and behold, when I opened the dishwasher the next morning, I not only had clean dishes, but I also had a clean dishcloth.

So now each time I am about to put the dishwasher on, I throw the cloth in as well and I don't have a stinky cloth anymore!

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