About Kay

Hi, I'm Kay Marco, and I was just an ordinary woman until a freak radiation accident involving my microwave and a box of day-planners transformed me into Super-Helper – able to leap enormous to-do lists in a single bound, cut through complex logistical problems with laser-eyed focus, and ...

Actually, that's not true. I'm no super-hero.

I am just an ordinary woman with a husband, two lovely kids (Miss 14 and Mr 12), a cat, and my own Personal Concierge business.

I also try to stay fit, catch up regularly with friends and family (even better if it's over a glass of wine and a great meal), and find time to lie in my hammock and read a good novel.

That all adds up to a pretty hectic schedule, and just like you, I have days when life gets messy, nothing goes as planned and I wish I could hit the 'reset' button.

But I do have a few superpowers...

Truthfully, I do have an uncanny knack for finding the systematic approach needed in any given situation (no matter how chaotic it seems), defining the most effective next steps, restoring clarity and order, and simply... Getting. Stuff. Done.

... and I love using my superpowers to help other busy Brisbane women.

After more than 20 years in event management, hospitality, and corporate executive support – in which time I've organised everything from million dollar exhibitions to house moves, from office clean-ups to weekly grocery shopping – I now work exclusively helping smart, energetic women manage their hectic professional and family life.

Why I do it

When I sit down with one of my clients (whom I also consider my friends), and see their face relax and their shoulders drop three inches as they offload all those niggling to-dos that are weighing them down... or when I call a client and hear the relief and gratitude in their voice because I've taken care of some gift shopping or other routine task without them needing to ask... well, that's the reason I do this work.

If you're ready to share the load, I hope you'll give me a call on 1300 HECTIC or email me at kay[at]hectichelpers.com.au

Or you might like to stay in touch by signing up for my weekly email tips, following me on twitter, or liking my facebook page. I look forward to getting to know you better.

I cannot overstate the value of having you as my Lifestyle Manager. When I moved overseas with less than one week notice, I never thought I would find someone I could trust to manage my tax, investment properties, and mail and be the first point of contact for any business back in Australia to the same level I would. Your professionalism, good judgement and very efficient approach have saved me time, money and sanity. I am grateful for your hard work and I would be pleased to recommend your services to anyone in the future.

— L Drummond, Iraq

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