Your new life

You're up early for your (wish-you-did-it-more-often!) morning walk. If you're honest, sometimes it's hard to cheerfully leap out of bed and pull on the sand-shoes, but not today. Today is a special day – and it's going to be great.

As you return home, savouring your heart-pumping exercise high, hubby meets you in the doorway. "I gotta get going, but the kids are fed and I sent them in the direction of the bathroom." A quick kiss and he's on his way.

You call after him, "Don't forget tonight! Be home by 6!"

He thinks tonight will be an intimate dinner for two, to celebrate your 10th anniversary. Little does he know you've organised a surprise anniversary party with 30 family and friends at his favourite restaurant.

Special occasions are a breeze

Actually, with your new business taking off the way it has lately, you could never have organised the party by yourself, but Kay has been an absolute gem:

  • sorting through the guest list with you and arranging the secret invitations
  • dealing with everyone's special diet requirements and getting the right price from the venue
  • working out the party theme, complete with the perfect cake and decorations, which she'll be delivering to the restaurant this afternoon
  • getting your dress and hubby's suit dry-cleaned and bringing them by your office.

She's even booked the taxi to get you there on time!

It's such a relief to have all the details taken care of so you can simply enjoy your day.

You get to focus on what really matters

After you drop the kids off at school, you head into your office to put the finishing touches on an important client presentation.

Your part-time admin assistant will be in later to cover the phones and get the big marketing mail-out packaged and sent. It has to go out this afternoon, so everyone receives it before the networking event on Friday.

While she's taking care of that, you'll be getting your hair and nails done (maybe even a massage!), and then collecting the kids from school for some playground time (that'll tire them out for the baby sitter tonight!).

Disaster strikes...

Right before lunch you get the call, your admin assistant is sick and can't make it. With just half an hour before you're meant to leave you ponder your options. You have to get that mail-out done. You're not going to get the pamper session after all – it won't be the first time you've had to drop everything for the business.

... and is averted.

Kay arrives with the dry-cleaning and you share your woes. No problem! She's going to stay, cover the phones and finish the mail-out for you, and after that she'll head over to the restaurant and take care of the decorations. And you get your much-needed pamper session – bliss!

A surprise ending

The party goes off fantastically – everyone has a great time and you're both delighted to catch up with friends you haven't seen in a while.

In a quiet moment he calls you aside from the crowd and presents a beautifully wrapped gift box. Inside are the exquisite diamond earrings you've been admiring in the local jeweller's window. How did he know?

He smiles. "She made me promise not to tell you, but Kay tipped me off. You know I'd never know what to get you otherwise!"


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Kay has worked tirelessly to move our office in recent months, tackling a multitude of challenges and maintaining a great sense of calm. The one thing that stands out for me is just how easy she makes things. It is truly problem free, accessible and achievable. Get out your To Do list and hand it over. You won't regret it!

— D Beerling, Wildstreak

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