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Phone Books - How hard can it be

Posted in 'Tips' on June 4, 2008

I am so tired of getting the Yellow pages out only to discover that I have pulled out A-K when I really need L-Z. Seriously, I think that there must be some sort of jinx or something on my copies of Yellow Pages, I don't think I ever pull the correct one out first. I know the sensible thing to do would be to have them sitting on the shelf with the spine facing out, but I don't. I have then end facing out. But....I came across a very easy to implement tip though that has eliminated this problem....

Get a nikko pen and write either A-K or L-Z on the end that is facing out. That way you always know which is the one you need.

Now if I could just work out how to magically know what everything is listed under........

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Following my own advice

Posted in 'Organising' on June 9, 2008

I've spent the long weekend looking at the mess that is my house and have realised that I need to do something about it. I'm forever telling my clients to start small and work on one thing at a time, but like the mechanic that has a broken car and the chef that never cooks at home, my house has "suddenly" become full of clutter.

So today while my husband went to work, I parked the kids in front of ABC Kids and set to work on sorting out some of the mess. First thing to do was to make a list. I jotted down everything I could think of and then added as I thought of more. This list wasn't a list of things that had to be achieved today, but I did want to cross off a few things if I could. Some things could be completed in 2 minutes and some would take 2-3 hours, but I needed them to be all listed together so they weren't put off for another 6 months.

So I am sitting here now with my list in front of me and have managed to cross off 7 things (this Blog entry being one of them), My desk no longer looks like a tornado has swept through and the paperwork in my in tray has been filed. About a quarter of the things I wanted to list on eBay have been listed, and I have taken photos of a whole heap of things that will be listed in the coming week.

Things don't seem so overwhelming now that I have them written down.

Time to go and sort out that bookcase....

Have a great week

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Cleaning cloths don't always clean!

Posted in 'Cleaning' on June 25, 2008

One night last week after dinner I wiped down the benches and after I had finished I noticed this awful smell. I couldn't work out where it was coming from and then I smelt my hands. STINKY!!! as Miss 3 1/2 would say. Then I smelt the cloth I had wiped the benches with - double STINKY!!! Needless to say I also realised that my benches probably weren't as clean as they looked after being wiped down with a germy cloth. I was about to throw it out and get a new cloth, but because I was about to put the dishwasher on, I rolled it up and put it in the cutlery tray to see if that would work. Lo and behold, when I opened the dishwasher the next morning, I not only had clean dishes, but I also had a clean dishcloth.

So now each time I am about to put the dishwasher on, I throw the cloth in as well and I don't have a stinky cloth anymore!

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I wish I had more Kay Marco's in my office to help me!

— N Watts, Branat Designs

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