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Tip of the Week - Chopping Boards

Posted in 'Tips' on May 5, 2009

Does your chopping board always slide around when you are trying to cut things? Grab a couple of slices of paper towel and dampen them. Then lay them flat under your chopping board. No more slipping and sliding!

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Tip of the Week - Clean Dishwasher

Posted in 'Cleaning' on May 12, 2009

Next time you are at the shops, buy a lemon and when the dishwasher is next empty, cut the lemon in half, get rid of any visible seeds and skewer the pieces onto the spikes on the top shelf.

Run the dishwasher through a cycle, and when it is done, you should have a nice clean dishwasher again with no scary odours.

Doing this if you have a particularly greasy load of dishes will also help cut through the grease.

Do you have any handy household tips that you woul like to share?

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Tip of the Week - Save your Tupperware

Posted in 'Tips' on May 27, 2009

This week’s tip will be good timing for those of us who are starting to make big batches of soup and pasta sauce and freezing them for later use. 

To stop your Tupperware and plastic containers from being stained by tomato based sauces and soups, give the container a spray with oil before filling and you will find that the container will remain stain free!

After last week’s tip on cleaning your jewellery with toothpaste, I had an email from Andrea from Mummys’ Little Helpers who’s husband is a jeweller and he advised the following information:

Apparently toothpaste is abrasive and wears away at precious metals.
He suggests that as another low cost option to buying actual jewellery cleaning fluid, is to use a mix of - Household cloudy ammonia, any regular dishwashing detergent and hot water. Simply leave the jewellery to soak for 10 minutes and then clean with an old toothbrush. This will remove any dirt and other standard daily buildup. Please note that certain gems should only ever be cleaned professionally, such as, (but not limited to) natural emeralds, pearls and opals.
He also recommends that everyone should remember to take their most precious items (such as engagement rings etc) in for regular inspections (6-12 mths) to ensure that general wear has not compromised the security of the stone in its setting. The majority of purchases these days include a warranty period whereby such inspections are free, but most customers simply do not get around to it due to other commitments. Having the checks done can save losing a treasured possession – and lots of money too!

Thanks Andrea!

Now for some shameless promotion of Hectic Helpers, I have had my profile featured on the Babes in Business site this month if you’d like to check me out

Have a great week! 

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