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Tip of the Week - Rug Tip

Posted in 'Tips' on October 6, 2009

Do you have a rug on your floor that keeps sliding around when you walk on it? Lift up the corners and place some blutack on there. It will stop it sliding and won't leave a sticky residue when you want to move the rug.

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Tip of the Week - Ironing Tip

Posted in 'Tips' on October 19, 2009

Ironing can be a chore at the best of times. To make it easier, put your silk or linen clothes in the freezer for 30 minutes and when you remove, a single pass of the iron should do the trick! Of course, an even better tip is to get someone else to do your ironing for you :)

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Folding a Fitted Sheet

Posted in 'Clutter' on October 20, 2009

Have you ever wanted to fold your fitted sheets so that they sit flat and pretty like the flat sheets?

Here's how...

1. Hold up the sheet so that it's inside out and then slip your hands inside the top 2 corners. The wrong side of the fabric should be facing you and the right side should be touching your hands.

2. Carefully lay the sheet down on a flat surface like your bed so that it is spread out smoothly. Fold the sheet right side together, slipping the top corners gently inside the two bottom corners. Arrange the corners neatly.

3. Fold the sheet edges to the inside. The flaps of fabric that hug the mattress should be neatly folded down in line with the corners, making a large rectangle with all loose ends tucked in smoothly.

4. Now fold the sheet in half, so that all 4 corners are on top of each other and are encasing the fitted sheet sides. The curved edges should be tucked down so that you create a pretty smooth triangle.

5. Fold the sheet in half again so that you have a long narrow strip. Try to make the folds tight and smooth so that there is less chance it will become crinkled.

6. Lastly fold the strip in half, then in half or thirds (depending on the size of your sheet) to make a compact rectangle.

All done!


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Tip of the Week - Sand Tip

Posted in 'Tips' on October 20, 2009

Now that it is getting warmer and we are spending more time at the beach, here is a great tip you can use.

Baby powder is great for getting wet sand off your feet. Just sprinkle on the powder and brush the sand away!

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Tip of the Week - Banana Tip

Posted in 'Tips' on October 27, 2009
Do you end up throwing out banana's at the end of the week because they are over ripe? When you get them home from the shops, break the bunch apart so that you have single banana's. This will stop them ripening so quickly.

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