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Oil of Cloves

Posted in 'Cleaning' on February 1, 2011

Thanks to Natascha Mirosch from The Courier Mail for this week's tip. With all the rain, everyone I know has problems with mould in their house. The word on the street is that Oil of Cloves is the best thing to break down the mould spores, but the shops seem to have sold out of them. Here is a recipe for making your own Oil of Cloves.

2 dozen cloves
1tbsp methyolated spirits
20 tbsps boiling water

Grind the clove buds in a mortar and pestle or spice grinder. Add the metho and grind until it becomes a paste.(Make sure to wash very well with hot soapy water afterwards). Add the boiling water and let it steep overnight in a bowl or bottle. The next day, strain through muslin (or a clean chux). Pour into a spray bottle and voila!

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School Notes

Posted in 'Organising' on February 8, 2011

The first few weeks of school seem to bring with them an encyclopaedia of notes that all need to be read and memorised because you never know when you might need them.

Get a folder with plastic sleeves and put the notes in there as you get them. They will now all be in the same place which will make it easier to find out what day library is on this year.

You could also put things like the tuckshop pricelist and sporting clubs notes in there.

If you open to the appropriate page, you might even be able to get hubby to read the notes so he has some idea of what is happening at school!

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Chandelier Cleaning

Posted in 'Cleaning' on February 10, 2011

Ever wondered how to clean that chandelier in your house without breaking it? It's quite easy really (unless you have a really large one, in which case, you should get professionals in)

Get a plastic bag large enough to cover each of the fittings (make sure the bulbs are cool before doing this). Tie one end over the light and let the bag sit behind the fittings like a backdrop

Put some newspaper on the ground to catch the dirt and water.

Dust gently with an acrylic brush (a paint brush works well).

Put some cleaning solution in a plastic spray bottle and spray close to the fitting to dislodge the dirt.

Allow to dry.

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Medicine for Animals

Posted in 'Tips' on February 15, 2011

How is it that when you need to give an animal a tablet, they are worse than kids? Trying to get antibiotics down my cat's throat requires wearing a pair of gardening gloves to avoid red scratches up and down my arms.

Try this next time - get the tablet and crush it in a garlic press and then mix it through some of their favourite food. No large lumps means it will get eaten.

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Hem Tip

Posted in 'Tips' on February 22, 2011

As the year progresses and kids grow, we inevitably reach the stage where school uniforms are too short. When you let the hem down, you are left with a crease that just never seems to go away and doesn't look the best. Next time, moisten a cloth with white vinegar, place it under the hem and iron it. The crease will disappear.

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New Article

Posted in 'Tips' on February 24, 2011


Have you seen our article published on the website?

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Kay completed over a year's worth of client filing and scanning for me without a grumble. Fantastic! Whilst doing that, she provided some handy tips for a "To Do" system. Great work!

— A McCall, Stafford Heights

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