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Survive the Christmas Shopping Shenanigans

Posted in 'Tips' on November 23, 2014
So the tinsels already draped, the fake Santas litter the shelves and Christmas trees seem to be popping up like weeds. Yes we're well and truly into the Christmas seasons. But, have you started your shopping yet? Before you know it, Santa will be hauling his chunky backside into town so here's some tips to get you through the Christmas shopping shenanigans if you haven't already started. 

Make a list and check it twice
Before you hit the shops (or your laptop), it's important to nail down a list of who's on your gift list, some gift ideas and most importantly a budget for each person. Drafting a list gives you clear direction, keeps you on task and not-to-mention helps to prevent missing anyone important. Oops, awkward!

If you're keen on nabbing a bargain or equally can't stand paying full price for Christmas presents, it's worth spending some time researching. Either grab a cuppa and trawl through the junk mail to mark out any relevant specials or alternatively scan websites like Lasoo which collate all the latest catalogues of most of the major department stores in one place. There's a lot of money to be saved if you're happy to research and then shop around for specials. 

Think Homemade

If you're a little crafty or don't mind hanging out in the kitchen from time to time, offering home-made gifts for friends and family is a great way of showing-up everyone else's gifts (as long as you nail it). Homemade jams or cookies (there's a nice recipe below), candles or crafts are nice. And there's more than 1000 things you can cram into pretty jars to give as gifts this year. Bling it up with ribbons and pretty labels and you've nailed it!

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Buying gift vouchers for Christmas gifts can be a bit of a contentious issue. Some would argue that a voucher is an impersonal and thoughtless gift idea. I disagree. In fact, like anything, it's all in the pitch. Buying a voucher means taking the time to select the right store for the right person and then giving them the opportunity to buy something they really want. Buying Nanna a Spotlight voucher because she's so fond of scrapbooking, presenting your brother with a BCF voucher because he's an avid fisherman, presenting your niece with an iTunes voucher so she can download her own music on her iPod, or giving Mum a massage voucher (because what mum doesn't need a massage) is actually both thoughtful and personal. 

Shop online
Every year as soon as the Shopping Centre Santas start their Christmas photo gigs we also start to see the crowds gathering at our local stores. And the closer it gets to Christmas, the crazier things seem to become with people seemingly materialising from every nook and cranny. If you're not crowd-lover at the best of times then it's probably best to avoid the shops altogether if you can help it. 

Thankfully there's plenty of online stores that offer a variety of options for Christmas gifts. If you're looking for handmade gifts then Etsy is one of your options. There's also eBayLatest BuyGift Australia plus most of the major department stores offer online shopping as well. Some of them even offer a gift-wrapping service - ka-ching!

There's nothing quite like doing all your Christmas shopping in your pajamas whilst simultaneously drinking wine and watching re-runs of Grey's Anatomy! It's a win for everyone!

If you're finding yourself with less and less to do simple things like Christmas shopping and organising your Christmas parties, then it might be time to call in the big guns. Master of all things organisation, Kay can bring you one gift you just can't buy - time. 

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