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Tips for Planning Your Post-Christmas Sale Blitz

Posted in 'Tips' on December 14, 2016

Post Christmas Sale tipsBeing so close to Christmas means just one thing. Post-Christmas sales!

For those who love a bargain, with a bit of planning, you can make the most of the sales, without tearing out your hair or ending up in the casualty ward from a wayward elbow from that fierce lady aiming for the last pair of size 8 black stilettos in the shoe area of Myers.

Before Christmas

Book babysitters – Sales are no place for kids! Organise a friend or relative to keep the kids safe and occupied while you make the most of the bargains on offer.

Scour catalogue websites – Sites such as Lasoo round up the catalogues of most of the major brands. Be aware that you need to go directly to the Kmart website to find their catalogues. Check out current prices to make sure you are genuinely getting a bargain.

Grab early bargains - In the week before Christmas, you can usually pick up heavily discounted hampers and gift boxed beauty kits. These make great gifts throughout the year with a clever bit of repackaging. You can also pick up discounted Christmas trees and ornaments to be put away ready for next year.

Sort your linen cupboard – Linen is usually one of the hot items in the post-Christmas sales. Do an inventory of your current cupboard, so you know exactly what you need (and what you don’t).

Update your size list – Every phone needs a note section with the current size and preferred colours of everyone in the family. Kids grow faster than you can blink. By having a list of current sizes in your phone, you are not stuck buying something fabulous in the wrong size and then having to brave the returns queue. 

Add your stationery list – Back to school starts the second the tinsel starts to droop. Many specialist stores such as Officeworks have their full back to school range already on display in the store the week before Christmas. Knock that off your to-do list in one quick shop!

Check out online sales – Many retailers start their online sales on Christmas Eve. Rather than another re-run of "It’s a Wonderful Life”, you may want to add in a sneaky browse through the bargains.

Check opening hours – Store trading hours have changed in Queensland this year, so check out the revised store opening hours during the post-sale period to ensure you arrive on time. Plan to arrive as soon as the store opens and be out before lunch time (the busiest shopping time).

Work out your budget – It’s easy to get carried away by the scent of a good bargain. Run your numbers before you head out to ensure that you really can afford that stainless steel roasting pan you have your eye on.

Typical Bargains In Post-Christmas Sales

Post-Christmas sales typically are strongest in:

  • Men’s shirts
  • Women’s Shoes
  • Fashion & Lingerie
  • Linen
  • Homewares
  • Electrical appliances
  • Christmas stock
  • Make-up
  • Video games
  • Calendars

It’s Sale Day!

Wear comfortable shoes – Sales are one time when beauty needs to fly out the door in favour of shoes that don’t pinch, rub or otherwise restrict your movement. Also, have shoes and clothes that are easy to quickly remove and replace so you can try on items without struggling for hours with fiddly buttons.

Carry water (and headache tablets) – It’s thirsty work searching for bargains. Stay hydrated while you shop!

Fold out bags – Every woman needs at least one fold-out shopping bag that folds away into nothing. Sale day means loads of little parcels and bags that are more easily carried in one bigger shopping bag.

Choose your handbag carefully – We know bags that you carry by little handles look cute, but they are hell for serious shopping. Post-Christmas sales are when you dig out your cross-body shoulder bag, so you have both hands free to browse without worrying about juggling your bag.

A word on safety – Crowds also bring out people who like to steal. Keep your handbag zipped at all times to reduce wallet and mobile phone theft. Many of our clients prefer RFID wallets and purses to reduce the risk of card skimming in crowds.

Prioritise your trip – Work out the most important things you want to get on your list and start with those items first. If your store is multi-level like Myer in Queen Street, aim to go in on the same level as your item rather than the ground floor and then racing up the escalators.

Arrive and park early – You thought car parking rage was only limited to Christmas? Try and get to the centre early and enjoy easy parking and a relaxing coffee in the centre before the stores open.

Choose carefully – Not all sale items can be returned for an exchange or refund, so choose items carefully and be aware of the sale terms.

Check out of season clothes – Summer sales are the best time to pick up winter clothes. They are already heavily discounted, and get an extra discount during sale time.

Be Nice – Grabbing items from the hands of other shoppers, or running over wayward kids with your shopping trolley is not a good look (and guarantees the shopping karma fairy will bless you with breaking shopping bags and the checkout operators from hell). Even with all the stress, it doesn’t hurt to be nice.

Finally, remember it is not a bargain if it puts you into debt. While sales are great fun, stick to your budget and your shopping list!

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