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Tips for Transitioning Back to School Without the Craziness

Posted in 'Tips' on January 14, 2015
Sending the kids back to school for the start of a new year is an exciting time. But it can be a terrifying time too. For kids, because it's a change in their relaxed holiday routine. For parents, because they have to get the kids out of that relaxed holiday routine! So seeing as we still have less than a couple of weeks to go, here's some tips to save your sanity in transitioning the kids back into the school routine: 

1. Sort your school calendar/diary NOW

Juggling work or business and family is busy enough but throw in school requirements and it's mayhem. Add a little organisation and planning ahead and it can certainly alleviate a little stress. Whether you run a paper diary, online diary, calendar or whatever, get access to important school dates and start writing/typing them in NOW. And make sure your partner's calendar is synced (or copied if you're that way inclined) so everyone know's what's going on. Be sure to include term dates, public holidays, student free days, school sports and any other relevant stuff that's important to your family. 

2. Buy school shoes before they run out

Lots of parents tend to leave the school shoes purchases to the very last minute, because let's face it, kids' feet grow like weeds and we don't want them to grow out of shoes before the first day of school. But at this time of year, school shoes are a hot commodity. Head down and get your kids shod ASAP, otherwise you might find yourself cat-fighting with a bunch of crazy women over the last pair of black size 4 lace-ups. Heck, grab two pairs because chances are the first pair will only last one or two terms anyway!

3. Start the routine sooner rather than later

Whilst the relaxed school holiday mornings and late nights are nice for a while, they can make getting the kids back into a school routine a nightmare. Use the week before school starts to get the kids back into a bedtime routine and a morning routine to get ready, refreshed and prepared for the school morning craziness.

4. Check their lunchboxes

The start of the year usually means shiny new lunchboxes and to be honest I don't know who's usually more excited about them, the Mums or the kids. But it's worth taking a minute to check whether your children can manage opening their lunchboxes. The last thing you (and the teachers) need is a sobbing child on day one because they can't get to the sultanas and cheese tucked away in an ergo-enviro lunchbox in a thermo-sealed bag.

5. Label, label, label

Experienced school mums will chuckle at this one because as if you wouldn't label your child's things. But consider this, if you have a child starting prep, do they recognise their own name yet? If not, stick something else identifiable on things they use daily like water bottles, lunch boxes, hats and shoes. Lots of school labels have little icons that you can include when you order them making it more easily identifiable for little ones. 

6. Check the school bag (just in case)

If you're using last years school bag for your child, best to hold your nose and open it now. Just in case. Enough said. 

7. Set up a  school filing box for each child

Before the kids start school, set up a filing box for each of them. Make it large enough to fit readers, homework books and anything else that needs to go to and from school regularly. Make this the first stop the kids make when they get home from school (before they raid the fridge) to unload any important documents, homework and notes. 

Before you know it, we'll be back into the school year making lunches and ironing uniforms and happily waving our kids off at the school gate, hoorah!

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Kay completed over a year's worth of client filing and scanning for me without a grumble. Fantastic! Whilst doing that, she provided some handy tips for a "To Do" system. Great work!

— A McCall, Stafford Heights

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