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Keeping the Kids Safe at the Ekka

Posted in 'Tips' on August 12, 2014
If you've succumbed to the 'please, please, pleases' of the kids and have decided you're going to brave the Ekka this year here's three things you might want to consider when taking children with you:

Have a plan

If your children are old enough create a plan if you happen to lose each other in the crowd. Include in your plan where they should go, what they should (and shouldn't) do and who they can speak to if they become lost. 

Photograph them

Before you enter the Ekka grounds, take a clear photo of each of your children. If they happen to get lost, this is the best and most up-to-date information you can provide to police and might be critical to them being located quickly. 

Write your number on them

Whether you have a specific safety wristband or you write on their backpack or write in biro/niko pen along their forearm, write your contact number on your child. Show them the number so that if they do get lost, they can ask a police officer or security officer to call you. 

Note:  Free safety wristbands are available from the Exhibition Police Station off Gregory Tce (opposite the Strawberry Sundae stall). 

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